Consultancy for Maintenance & Reliability

Maintenance Holding delivers consultancy and other services that can lessen the overall cost, while improving the maintenance process. Therefore, we base ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience and offer practical, cost-efficient solutions to a wide variety of industries.

Why would you need a maintenance consultant?

– For hiring on a temporary basis

– For the implementation of (radical) changes

– To get confirmation of conclusions or decisions that have been made internally

– Because you want  to hire an objective third person

– Because you want to hire someone competent, who has time for a thorough, systematic screening and the formulation of suggestions on how some things could become better

A project usually exists out of different steps:

– Formulating a clear definition of the problem.

– Describing the goals and the expected amount of work.

– Execution of the project with a clear outline of the responsibilities of each one involved, with reports at regular intervals

– The completion of the project with a presentation of the recommendations.