Health Check – Condition Monitoring

Health checks are vital to the well-functioning of your infrastructure

Health checks are vital to the well-functioning of your equipment

Should you wish for specific Condition Monitoring services to be deployed at your facility, then Maintenance Holding is able to provide the provision of a Reliability Engineer to suit your needs.

Health Check Services typically include machine profiling (information gathering), data base set up and conducting an initial (and ongoing) health check assessment on accessible plant items.

The condition monitoring services provided under the ’Health Check’ can include, but are not restricted to

  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Ultrasound analysis
  • Electrical Thermography
  • Mechanical Thermography


Health Check2


Maintenance Holding can provide a CBM Engineer for a number of days per month to conduct these Condition Monitoring Services. Maintenance Holding provides detailed analysis and an online reporting system from these services within three working days on completion of each survey.

Should you be interested in a Health Check Service or any other specific requirement relating to reliability improvements then please ask for our programs or Contact Maintenance Holding BVBA to discuss the Condition Monitoring Health Check and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation.

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